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Cure Gout - Natural Gout Remedy

March 4, 2011

How To Eliminate Gout Crystals Faster Than They Form

Gout pain is triggered from the formation of gout crystals. These gout crystals are from an acid waste created from eating certain meats like pork liver or anchovies. (Studies show cooking increases the gout causing proteins levels even more.)

There’s also evidence eating certain unsprouted beans and peas, make toxic uric acid and block vital minerals like magnesium.

Sprouted seeds and beans naturally have less anti-nutrients and an increased nutritional profile, plus they are more easily digested and absorbed.

Gout happens when the formation of uric acid increases while the elimination of it decreases. One of the main culprits for this is chronic biological drought — or simply put dehydration.

Here are three things that increase uric acid waste:

  1. Enzyme abnormalities, possibly caused from a magnesium deficiency
  2. Increased turnover of cellular protein levels
  3. Environmental chemicals

Here are six things that decrease elimination of uric acid waste:

  1. Slow kidney function
  2. Acidosis slowing cellular respiration
  3. Ketosis slowing cellular energy
  4. Lead poisoning
  5. Elevated calcium in blood
  6. Low thyroid activity

As you can see, by counteracting the root cause of gout pain you can prevent it, treat it and even cure it. All you need to do is learn how to increase cellular function, maximize detoxification and optimize proper nutrient intake.

One nutrient that helps lower risk of gout in men is vitamin C. After a 20 year study of men with gout pain, researchers effectively decreased the occurrence of gout by about as much as 45%. The more vitamin C they took the better.

Vitamin C appears to help reduce the amount of uric acid waste in the blood while boosting proper kidney function. As you may already know, your kidneys are your biological filters and anything you can do to help them is a good move. Vitamin C has also been used to remove lead and other heavy metals form the body.

Another important fact to know is magnesium plays a critical role in more than 300 enzymes functions and “ion” transports. Magnesium also helps the fatty acid and phospholipid metabolisms so vital for healthy cell membranes.

You should also know that calcium is toxic without the proper ratio of magnesium that is: 2 magnesium molecules for every 1 calcium molecules. Magnesium is like lubricating oil for your heart, balances cholesterol, increases circulation and prevent calcium build-up (plaque) in arteries.

This simple mineral salt is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well as a catalyst for increased cellular energy. You also need magnesium in order to absorb nutrients.

So, there you have it. You can defeat gout pain by increasing cellular energy levels to help speed up elimination of uric acid wastes. You can prevent enzyme abnormalities, maximize detoxification, and increase kidney function with magnesium rich water.

To prevent, treat or cure gout pain you need to increase kidney function, counter act acidosis and neutralize excess calcium levels — along with changing your diet.

All your gout worries can be naturally healed without dangerous drugs that slow the kidneys and burden cellular health.

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February 7, 2011

The Diet That Helps Cure Gout . . .

Did you know the gout diet that helps cure gout pain will help support your health and wellness across the board?

People ask me all the time whether there is a special diet for every type of ailment. I have to say, truthfully, that a diet that cures gout may not also cure liver cancer, but it won’t hurt either.

Today, everyone wants me to write about specific diets that cure specific things because it makes for good marketing. After researching natural cures for more than 30 years, I’ve seen drugs that claim this and vitamins that claim that, yet the fact remains there is a proper way of living and eating that can benefit any disease or ailment, especially gout.

It may not make good marketing sense to tell you the secret about inflammatory diseases like gout pain and gouty arthritis, but I’m going to let the cat out of the bag anyway.

“Face it. No one benefits from your being healthy and gout free, except YOU and your family.”

Big business reaps mega profits from selling you on taking pills and other medications and the bottom line is that’s simply bad science.

Food sourced nutrition, which is good for gout, is also good for other chronic diseases.

The same wholesome food that prevents chronic diseases like gouty arthritisbefore diagnosis” can also help stop and even help heal gouty arthritis and other diseases “after diagnosis.”

The proper food-sourced nutrition can help detoxify, repair and rejuvenate the adverse effects of stress, bad diet and environmental pollution, which are the main causes of degenerative health conditions like gouty arthritis and gout pain.

Everyone seems to want a scapegoat to blame what really causes gout crystals to form and other health issues to develop in the first place.

Truth is an anti-gout diet may cure more than your gout attacks.

The proper nutrition from a proper diet can prevent, stop and reverse any chronic disease when married with a healthy lifestyle and determined attitude.

Selling people on the downside of gout and other curable diseases should be considered the crime it really is.

The worse thing a health professional can do is discourage a person who is going through his or her own natural healing response.

Truth is gout is caused from inflammation, but so is diabetes, heart disease and cancer. That’s no reason to take away the only real hope people have by lying to them and telling them there is no cure.

That’s how they market sickness through “disease management.”

You have gout because you didn’t know how to prevent it. Now that same information can save you from over burdening your liver and kidneys, even more than uric acid crystals are doing, by taking harsh experimental drugs.

That’s just adding insult to injury and injury to insult.”

Your gout cure is a natural process, which simply requires your support. Why help gout pain by being your own worst enemy when all you need to do is depend on the “intelligent design” already busy working on your behalf?

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faassé

Health Advocate

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January 13, 2011

Living With Gout Pain Is Hell On Earth . . .

Most people who have experienced a gout pain attack have been told to avoid eating too much animal protein.

Too bad no one mentioned that years before the gout set in.

Gout attacks are very painful and most people run to the drug store or ask their doctor for powerful pain killers to try and stop the gout pain.

The sad thing is this pharmaceutical approach allows the toxic root cause of gout to keep eating away at your flesh like an evil undertow, working its damage far below the seeming calm surface of things.

Pushing pain killers on victims of gout attack is a double edge sword. It not only allows the gout acid and its arthritic uric acid crystals to continue to ravage nerves, cartilage and flesh, but these pills also chemically over burden the kidneys.

Gout symptoms and pain happen because your kidney and liver are already burdened with the build-up of body wastes. That’s what uric acid is, toxic body waste created from animal proteins called purines. But, there’s another little known gout factor: SUGAR.

Inside your body sugar is called blood glucose level and research is showing what was once considered “normal” blood glucose levels may be associated with inflammatory disorders like gouty arthritis, as well as many other degenerative and painful health problems.

As it turns out, the Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) levels you have in the morning determine how fast you will age. So the less sugar you eat, the less gout pain you’ll have and the younger you’ll feel.

Think of gout as a type of walking death, even though you can’t walk when gout pain attacks. The gout crystals start as an acid waste and when they build-up in your joints and tissue, they harden into hard, wicked little needles eventually destroying your body in the most painful way imaginable.

If you suffer from gout pain, you are in a physical and emotional hell. There’s only one way out of hell . . . you have to back track.

Leading researchers now know that if your blood glucose levels are consistently too high, then it’s a serious threat to your health and will put you in a pine box quicker than you might first think.

Most people don’t understand the highly toxic effects of high blood sugar.

High blood sugar adds to the gout attack caused damage of your cells while speeding up the ageing process. Aging is not a disease, but age-related diseases like gout can make your life seem miserable.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faassé

Health Advocate

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January 10, 2011

How To Never Have Gout Pain Again

There are different ways arthritis can attack your joints: gouty arthritis is one of those ways.

What if you could be free of gouty arthritis pain and any other kind of joint pain? What if it didn’t involve taking harmful drugs? What if it was a lasting solution?

Would you do anything to have it?

If you’ve suffered from gout attacks, then you know how intense the pain can be. It’s been described as having your big toe smashed by a hammer while stepping on a hot bed of coals. Gout pain is insanely excruciating, to say the least.

Another dangerous fact about painful gout attacks is that you never know when they’ll hit you. It could be while you’re driving on the freeway, in an important meeting or even while you’re sound sleeping.

The cure for your gout isn’t medicine, its science!

You don’t need anything but this rule:

· Reduce your consumption of animal protein to below 10%; drink the “right” water and discover the joy of eating more whole plant foods.

What if instead of taking pain pills for your gout pain, you could just eat a salad!?

You see, you have symptoms of gout because a toxic waste from eating too much animal protein, called uric acid, is solidifying in your tissue and joint spaces.

This acid must be neutralized and eliminated from your gouty joints. You can start this process by drinking naturally alkaline water between your salad greens and steamed broccoli.

Minerals from plants and coral are what is called alkaline — the opposite of acid.

The problem is you need your kidneys to be in ship-shape condition to pump the dissolved gout crystals out of your blood stream from the animal protein.

One of the dangers of taking drugs to try and block your gout pain is that they are harmful to your liver and kidney function.

Did you know that because all drugs are poisonous the drug makers have to add special ingredients to slow down your liver and kidneys?

Otherwise, your metabolism would immediately flush the poisons out from your blood and joints.

Basically, gout inflammation is a sign that your kidney and liver filters are filled with metabolic waste.

Metabolic waste can build up from consuming rich “sweet” foods, organ meats and alcohol, among other things, or just from normal cellular waste. Every cell makes energy to function and in the process makes me acidic waste.

That should give you the evidence you need to cure your gout pain and gouty arthritis. Chances are your also suffering from chronic low-grade inflammation because you’re dehydrated.

Free up your own healing process by feeding and watering your cells properly, then your gout attacks and arthritic pain will vanish once and for all.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faassé

Health Advocate

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January 7, 2011

How Is Gout A Sugar Disease?

Did you know, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), that eating or drinking products with fructose could trigger gout?

Then there are all these multi-million dollar advertising campaigns on television claiming high fructose corn syrup is good for you.

What’s with that?

Didn’t they learn anything from Big Tobacco???

The research suggested consuming sugar sweetened soda products could increase your risk of getting one the most painfully crippling diseases imaginable: Gouty Arthritis.

In fact, the study said sugared drinks might increase the risk of getting gout by up to 2.4 times!

The challenge with avoiding gout foods seems to be that people are reaching for foods that are high in sugars.

Purines are nasty little proteins that also cause gout pain and come from eating certain gout foods like pork, seafood and organ meats.

Naturally, as we avoid these high purine foods, it’s easy to start eating too many “sweetened” foods.

Having gout is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place — and the rock is moving in on you!

Researchers have noticed that gout attacks are on the rise, specifically blaming the increased consumption of soft drinks.

There are two forms of fructose in soft drinks:

  • Sucrose, which is 50/50 fructose and glucose.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is 55% fructose and 45% glucose.

Gouty arthritis pain and joint damage is caused from the crystallization of uric acid. Fructose-rich drinks increase blood levels of uric acid, just like purines from some gout foods like meat do — maybe even worse.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faassé

Health Advocate

BMJ – doi:10.1136/bmj.39449.819271.BE
JAMA:10.1001/jama.2010.1638 “Fructose-Rich Beverages and Risk of Gout in Women” Authors: H.K. Choi, W. Willett, G. Curhan

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