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Whenever I tell people that the best cure for gout is one that doesn't involve painkillers, I always get the strangest looks. People are always very puzzled by this until I explain the reasons behind this.

Gout has to be one of the most painful varieties of arthritis. From a medical standpoint, there isn't a single cure for gout, either by pill or injection. In these cases, doctors will prescribe medication to treat the symptoms, such as pain and inflammation. However, the painkillers and other medications can do more harm than good over a long period of time.

The most effective gout natural cure is one that flushes the uric acid that causes pain and inflammation. By making changes to your diet, taking vitamins, learning what herbs to use, and making other lifestyle changes, you can actually cure gout naturally.

Let me explain.

From Gout Remedy Report

Painkillers do nothing more than mask pain. So, even though you no longer feel the pain, the underlying cause is still affecting your joints. Continued use of painkillers causes people to ignore the problem of gout and thus disfiguring their joints in the process. To maintain the ability to continue using your joints, you need to learn how to flush the uric acid from them.

People have been suffering from gout for centuries. As such, the disease has been studied in detail for hundreds of years. Thanks to all this research, gout can be cured with the proper application of knowledge and dedication. By knowing what causes gout and understanding how to flush the uric acid from your body, you can cure gout naturally.

Here are some tips to help you with your home treatment.

5 Gout Natural Remedy Tips

1. Before you begin, you should recognize and understand the causes of gout. When your body is not able to flush uric acid as efficiently as it is supposed to, it is deposited between joints and settles, forming crystals. As these crystals grow, they begin to cause excruciating pain. Uric acid is a by-product of purines that are consumed when eating animal products, like meat, seafood, and alcohol. These should be avoided if you are at risk for gout.

2. Flushing your body is also extremely important. Drinking water has countless benefits and flushing uric acid is only one of them. Ensuring that you drink enough water throughout the day is an important way to flush your body of toxins. To maximize the benefit, you should be drinking at least 16 ounces of water every two hours that you are awake.

3. Given the source of uric acid, it goes without saying that your diet is extremely important. Foods that are low in purines are green vegetables, tomatoes, sugar, low-fat milk products, eggs, cheese, olives, rice, pasta, grains, breads, fruits, chocolate cereals, and coffee.

4. Cherries and cherry juice are also viable remedies for some. There has been recent research and news surrounding cherries as a gout natural cure . One study involved 10 healthy women that were able to lower their uric acid levels simply by using cherries.

5. Finally, using a folic acid (vitamin M) supplement is helpful in the prevention of xanthine oxidase, which is required for the production of uric acid. 10-75 mg daily should be a sufficient amount.

Cure Gout Naturally in Hours

Hopefully, these five tips have given you the hope that gout can be cured. Imagine yourself never having to suffer from the pain of gout again. A healthier lifestyle can make this a reality.

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